Three of our Girls in Marketing

As a Group Paid Search Manager Chloe knows everything about. PPC and was a guest of Season  Podcast too Listen here. Connect with Chloe on LinkedIn. Amanjit Heer As the exHead of Social at Kelloggs there is no. Denying that Amanjit knows her stuff. When it comes to social media. She is now Director and Social Media Specialist at We Heer You spreading her social media magic with all their clients. Connect with Amanjit on LinkedIn here.

Becca Vines Becca is

Marketing Executive at Curaden UK and she is currently studying towards a CIM Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing. As a loyal member of The Girls in UK Phone Number List Marketing Membership Becca is one to watch in the marketing. The space Connect with Becca on LinkedIn here. Sophie Neary There is no doubt that Sophie is a changemaker in the marketing industry. As a passionate advocate for womens health in the workplace Sophie is a great person to follow to see how you can champion other women every day too.

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Currently she is Group Director

UKI at Meta. Connect with Sophie on LinkedIn here. Follow Sophie on Instagram here. Rebecca Benn Rebecca is a longtime friend of Girls in Marketing since Algeria mobile data meeting our Founder Olivia at a SocialNorth event. With over years of experience in data and technology Rebecca is someone to connect with if youre a data enthusiast Connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn here. Rachael Higgins Were sure youve seen Rachael around on.

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