Black Shark 4 Pro Review Not just for gamers

We’ve seen a lot of the so-called. Gamers’ phones have been around for the last three to four years . But one trend we’re happy to . See is design improvements. As fun and exciting as some of those early models . Were with their big, angular bezels and RGB lighting setups. The newer models are a bit more subtle. So they aren’t necessarily just for gamers. The back of the Black Shark 4 Pro is completely smooth and. There are no unnecessary protrusions. However, there are some markings printed on the back to let you know. That this is not just a ‘normal’ smartphone.

The power of the media

Like some of the so-called gaming phones . We’ve seen lately, the Europe Cell Phone Number List Black Shark 4 Pro also makes a great multimedia device. Combining a big . Bright screen with loud, immersive speakers and a wired. Headphone option means you’ll get almost everything you want from any movie, game or TV show. With a peak brightness of 1300. Nits, the screen is among the brightest, resulting in a very vibrant and dynamic. Image, whether you’re playing games or watching. your favorite shows on Netflix. It’s not the most naturally configured screen we’ve ever used, but it’s not so fat that it ruins the experience. It has pop, with deep contrast and very dark black levels.

Performance and battery

When approaching performance and battery . It is rare to jump at the chance to express Albania mobile data surprise at the phone’s charging speed. But in the case of the Black Shark 4 Pro . We’re going there first, because frankly, it’s amazing stuff thanks to its 120W charger. Most phones these days charge relatively. Quickly and can charge their batteries in less than an hour. OnePlus and Oppo have been supporting 65W flash charging technology for the past two years, which usually means a 35-36 minute charge. But Black Shark is still on another level. After the 4 Pro was almost completely discharged (about five percent)

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