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From Marketing Directors and Founders to Marketing Students weve created the ultimate list of marketers to follow in to ensure your timeline is bursting with knowledge. Or comprehensive list nor is it in any particular order. Ready to dive in Lets get inspired Anu Adegbola As a previous Girls in Marketing. Podcast guest Anu is a PPC genius. She is currently a Paid Search Account Director at Marin Software and Founder and CMO of PPC Live UK Londons only locally run and reproduced PPCfocused event aimed at practitioners.

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Lidia Infante Lidia is a Senior SEO Manager at and an allaround SEO enthusiast. With a previous background in psychology Lidia uses her UAE Phone Number List expertise in marketing and psychology to champion women in the workplace and actively works to equalise the gender seniority gap in the industry. Connect with Lidia on LinkedIn here. Isobel Cowell Its likely that you’ve seen Isobels.

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She is the Head of Social at Kurogo and also the Founder of Dear Future Marketer. Definitely give her a follow on LinkedIn for marketing inspiration with a Afghanistan mobile data dose of the realities of being a manager. Connect with Isobel on LinkedIn here. Follow Dear Future Marketer on Instagram here. Hayley Williams Hayley is a bright enthusiastic digital marketer with a strong passion for the marketing space.

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