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She currently works as a Digital Marketing Assistant at Blue Cactus Digital and shares honest and transparent insights into her life as a digital marketer. Connect with Hayley on LinkedIn here. Fiona Bradley All hail the queen. The of content marketing Fiona Bradley Fiona is a longtime friend of Girls in Marketing and featured in season three of our Girls in Marketing Podcast. She is the Founder and Director of FB Comms an awardwinning digital marketing agency with a team of four.

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LinkedIn here. Chima Mmejee Chima is a Freelance SEO Content Strategist Writer specialising in the SaaS industry. If youre looking for SEO tips or need Belgium Phone Number List any keyword guidance Chima is the person to go to on LinkedIn. Connect with Chima on LinkedIn here. Lily Veale If youre looking for purposeled content look no further. Lily prides herself on creating positive cultures within workplaces and championing positive culture. Lily is set to start a new role in January and we cant wait to see her progress.

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Keira Penney As an integral part of our teame marketing industry With a recently started YouTube channel covering her life as a degree apprentice were excited to Armenia mobile data see her growth as a new marketer in the field. Connect with Keira on LinkedIn. Follow Keira on Instagram. Chloe Wong With a breadth of knowledge in the PPC world Chloe Wong is part of the award winning PPC team at easyJet.

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