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In the past months weve seen the growth of different marketing. Trends some of which will remain in and others that will be around. For many years to come.  apps focused on being in the now to the growth of. AR as an immersive shopping experience a lot has happened this year. Weve been thinking about which. The marketing trends have had the most impact. On consumers in the past months and which are going to be most important in.

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Our own marketing journeys so what works for one marketer may not be right for you. However here are our marketing trends to focus on and include in Iran Phone Number List your marketing strategies in . Lets dive in Shortform video With the rise of TikTok Instagram reels and even YouTube shorts theres no getting away from the power of shortform video. Its becoming increasingly important for brands to adapt their marketing efforts to keep up with consumers preferences when it comes to consuming content.

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For short and snappy videos brands need to rethink the content that theyre creating to ensure that they capture their audiences attention in the first seconds of Cambodia mobile data the video. Your video could be the most highspec well produced piece of content on the internet but if nobody is sticking around to watch it youve got a problem If youre new to this type of content or just want to level up your TikTok game seek some inspiration from brands that are killing their TikTok marketing strategies.

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