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The including a calltoaction CTA. This could be encouraging people to. I tag a friend or asking them to leave a comment with their opinion.  I Follower count or engagement with previous posts directly impacts video rankings on TikTok setting a. I goal of increasing your TikTok follower count could indirectly improve your videos performance.

The more followers

You have the more eyes you are likely to get on your content and therefore the chance of people engaging with it increases. Use relevanttrending TikTok sounds TikTok sounds can also be important when optimising your video for search. The sound that you choose for a Belarus Phone Number List video helps the TikTok algorithm understand its content. The best way to use TikTok sounds to your advantage is to jump on a trend. Using a trending sound indicates a particular type of video with a particular message and can help boost your views whilst the sound is popular.

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Add text over video

Text is vital when it comes to TikTok SEO. Adding text over your video contributes to the users understanding of your content. Instead of creating the video India mobile data and adding text in a thirdparty app try adding text using TikToks native text features as this is more likely to be picked up by the algorithm. Bonus tip make sure that you include keywords related to your video and niche in the text to provide additional indication as to what your video is about.

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