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Think about any skills gaps that you have identified during the goalsetting process and consider whether there are any ways that you can address them. To prepare for as a marketer to make sure. Youre putting your best foot forward in . Keep track of your. Iprogress. How will you know if youre on your way to achieving. Your goals if you dont keep track of your progress.  Just like with marketing goals its a good idea . I to note where you are currently before starting. New project or campaign so that you can compare. Your results during the evaluation process.

Looking back over

Your journey and seeing the progress that you have made is a great way to stay motivated. your goals or minigoals so you can reflect on your progress and Algeria Phone Number List reassure yourself that youre on the right track. Some easy ways to track your progress include journaling writing notes in your phone or creating a smile file where you can store any small or big wins that you can look back on.

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Hold yourself

Accountable Tracking your progress. The not only allows you to see what youve achieved but it also allows you to track the goals that you havent yet reached. Research shows that youre. Times more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down which also allows Germany mobile data you to write down how far away you are from achieving them. Holding yourself accountable can be difficult especially if the goals that you have set are too ambitious but if youve created achievable SMART goals it should feel much easier to stay on track. The Girls in Marketing Membership is a supportive and inclusive space for marketers to learn grow and find support.

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