Lara is a great person to connect with

The here Harriet Tuite Another great friend of Girls in. Marketing and Paid Social Guru Harriet is Head of Paid Social at Embryo. Harriet shares her top paid social tips alongside some realities of working in social media. Connect with Harriet on LinkedIn here. Lara Acosta Lara is officially winning the organic marketing game She is the founder of organic marketing agency LA Digital and prides herself on knowing exactly how to achieve organic growth. Sharing practical content marketing tips. Connect with Lara on LinkedIn here.

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Any time on LinkedIn were pretty certain youve seen Ellies posts on your timeline. Ellie is a copywriting and SMM whizz with posts ranging from quick copywriting tips France Phone Number List to raising mental health and ADHD awareness. Connect with Ellie on LinkedIn here. Vejune Cesnulyte As a University Lecturer at the University of Coventry Vejune invests plenty of time into becoming the best marketer she can possibly be. As an active member of the Girls in Marketing Membership.

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Vejune is a great person to

Connect with as she shares her marketing knowledge on LinkedIn. Connect with Vejune on LinkedIn here. Vic Banham A round of applause for the queen on TikTok Vic Belarus mobile data Banham Vic is the cofounder of TikTokfirst agency Antler Social who creates killer TikTok strategies for clients. Vics posts share insight into reallife case studies of brands using TikTok to transform their social strategies. marketing trends to focus on in Its almost time to say farewell to another year and welcome in a new year filled with new marketing trends and lots of opportunities.

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