Olivia gave a fascinating presentation

The to stand up and share her wisdom. This time around brand strategy and how marketers can. Monitor brand perception and create impact with.  Their campaigns. Once the talk was over it was time to get. Stuck into our creative task of the night create your own personal marketing mood board. To keep people busy and get the conversation. Flowing we huddled around a table to have a. Chat and dive into some arts and crafts.

In true Girls in

Marketing fashion we even had a Polaroid on hand so our lovely members could snap a pic with their newfound friends add it to their mood board or take home a USA WhatsApp Number List memento. And of course post it on LinkedIn brands with killer TikTok marketing strategies We all know by now that TikTok has moved on from being a dancing app only used by teenagers. With over billion global users long gone are the days when TikTok was an app that social media managers were just starting to hear about and businesses feared.

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Ok some businesses still fear

It But today there are so many businesses absolutely killing it on TikTok its impossible to ignore the potential of this powerhouse social media platform. Were going to Jordan WhatsApp Number take a closer look at brands with killer TikTok marketing strategies and hopefully give you some inspiration about how to build a brand on TikTok. NBA The NBA is an incredibly well established brand in the sporting world but TikTok doesnt give handouts.

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