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Leading their content with their products at the centre means that users are constantly reminded of them and hopefully turn the entertainment into a craving for an. Oreo biscuit Zara Zaras approach to TikTok is very different from other high street. Brands on TikTok positioning itself as more of a highend brand through its high quality and immersive AI videos. If youre familiar with Zara youll know that theyre famous for promoting their. Products using images of models wearing their clothing in some weird and wonderful scenarios. Think of a model advertising a pair of heels whilst crouching on a stove.

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Puirky form of advertising through immersive AI videos on TikTok Zara effectively maintains their personal style and brand identity in a way that works seamlessly Uruguay WhatsApp Number List on the platform. To see another brand in action on TikTok make sure to follow Girls in Marketing And to learn more about how to build a brand on TikTok and gain access to more digital marketing advice and resources who not become a Girls in Marketing member marketers to follow in And just like that is nearly over.

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Year and weve seen some huge changes. For us at Girls in Marketing this year has seen the relaunch of our Girls in Marketing podcast and huge growth in our members Japan WhatsApp Number community. We have some exciting things launching in so make sure youre following us on LinkedIn. If youre looking for a whole new bunch of inspirational marketers to follow on LinkedIn going into look no further.

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