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The NBA TikTok account is so successful because it knows how to differentiate its content for different social media channels. It leans into not away from the stark differences between Twitter and content for each audience. The NBA uses Twitter like many brands to share news and updates . Twitter is where their fans will head to for the. Latest basketball news and they know theyll find it on the NBAs The page. What the NBA does well is acknowledging that its audience dont use TikTok for the same reason.

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TikTok theyre looking for fun engaging and likeable content. To meet this need the NBA creates effective shortform content that grips the viewer instantly and makes Venezuela WhatsApp Number List them want to watch until the end of the clip. Whether youre a basketball fan or not the NBA is one of the best brands on TikTok and their account provides content that you just want to see more of. Dont believe us We think their million followers speak for themselves ASOS ASOS have used various partnerships on.

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TikTok to their advantage

Most recently pairing up with sylvaniandrama a wildly popular parody account of the Sylvanian Families brand of miniature animal figurines. This clever Japan mobile data partnership  cut across both accounts target audiences and placed ASOS at the center of one of the hilarious dramas between the Sylvanian Families characters . This is a great example of how using TikTok as a brand and engaging in well thought out partnerships can open your brand up to new audiences and elevate your brand positioning.

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