Taste the feeling campaign

CocaCola carried out extensive market research within each country where the campaign was launched showing us why we need to know who we are targeting with our campaign efforts. This campaign creatively united CocaCola Diet CocaCola CocaCola Zero and CocaCola Life under one iconic slogan Taste the Feeling. This campaign was brought in to replace the Open Happiness campaign which had run for seven years previously. The main aim of this campaign was to change the perception of the drinks brand which had previously come under fire for causing tooth decay and obesity.

The campaign encouraged

Customers to enjoy drinking CocaCola based on the message The simple pleasure of drinking any CocaCola makes the moment more special. The campaign. The ads Austria WhatsApp Number List were rolled out across countries with the lead ad commercial Anthem showing a series of moments connected by CocaCola. The Chief Marketing Officer Marcos De Quinto explains Weve found over time that the more we position CocaCola as an icon the smaller we become.

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The bigness of CocaCola

Resides in the fact that its a simple pleasure so the humbler we are the bigger we are. We want to help remind people why they love the product as much as Austria mobile data they love the brand. . Open to better campaign Appropriately after the Coronavirus pandemic CocaCola came fighting back with a campaign encouraging hope and optimism with Open to Better. The campaign launched at the end of will see our iconic CocaCola logo removed from packaging and replaced with a series of resolutions encouraging people to reflect on and look ahead.

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