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Did you follow a traditional route Not at all When I was a student I was very much on the fence about what I wanted to do. I didnt do a degree specifically in marketing but enrolled in a creative media. Course which was incredibly diverse and spanned all different kinds of modules. You could learn about copywriting and the world of book publishing in one year and then decide to

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Camera production and video editing by the second year. It was only when I reached. The my final year that. I discovered an interest in marketing and it Canada WhatsApp Number List was also the first time. I experienced working with external clients alongside my studies . I later realized that despite loving the creative process I also enjoyed the messaging behind it all and how you could

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To show a brands ethos or mission and potentially build an online community. Working in social media was not really considered an actual job when I graduated but Costa Rica mobile data since it has grown to be such a vital part and key pillar within a marketing strategy and it has enabled me to combine my two loves of being creative and building interacting with a community online.

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