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The social media is generally used to create a connection with your audience. Keep these goals in mind when creating content for each marketing method. Want to learn even more. Meet our community Abbi Morgan Were starting a new blog series speaking to one of our lovely members from the. Girls in Marketing Membership every month. Hopefully this will give you the chance to connect with other marketers and see.

How the Girls in Marketing

Membership can boost your marketing career. Hey Abbi thanks for joining us Could you please introduce yourself to our readers Hi everyone Im Abbi and I am a Social Media Officer Cameroon WhatsApp Number List for the volunteering charity organisation Royal Voluntary Service. I am coming up to my second year working in social media and graduated from university back in.

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I am currently working

Remotely and have been since December and have a little Frenchie named Willow who is the perfect WFH companion If I am not reading up on the latest social Colombia mobile data media trends or forever scrolling through Instagram Reels you would often see me either reading a crimepsychological thriller eating out at the closest Wagamamas. I can find or bingewatching a series at an alarming rate on Netflix. I have always loved all things creative and enjoy content writing creating graphics and even doing a bit of crafting in my spare time How did you get into marketing.

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