Mixing up an outdated strategy

The has been rapid and they certainly know how to attract their target demographic and get social media marketers talking. Why did they choose TikTok Duolingo has a presence on a range of social media platforms each targeting a different segment of its overall target audience. Unlike Duolingo using.  TikTok for brand awareness the language educational.  Company use other platforms especially Instagram and Twitter to inform customers about updates and changes within their popular app. For many brands TikTok provides a safe space where brands can show off their personality and have some fun.

What is Duolingos TikTok

Strategy Viral trends A large segment of Duolingos TikTok content is jumping on viral trends and using their brand ambassador Duo to add a Duolingoshaped twist to Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List these trends. If you follow them on TikTok you are likely to understand their obsession with Dua Lipa which acts almost as an inside joke with followers to. Reinforce a connection with them. Enjoyable content over promotional content The brands video content is purely focused on being enjoyable over being promotional something a lot of brands struggle to do. This strategy is a huge part of what has made consumers fall in love with the brands TikTok.

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Recently Duo their funky

rGeen ambassador features in most of their video content allowing. The brands video content to still be recognisable whilst not being purely promotional.  Duolingo is a brand that is not afraid to mix up its TikTok strategy when it does not seem to be. Working as well as it once Georgia Mobile Data did. If you have experience in marketing on. TikTok you will know the frustration of the everneeded change of a. TikTok strategy. How has this impacted Duolingo overall. The best brands on. TikTok know that vanity metrics are not everything.  You should not measure a brands success on social media purely based on vanity metrics likes comments shares etc. they are not the beall and.

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