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The most of over the past year. How did you hear about the. Girls in Marketing Membership Why did you decide to take the leap and join I honestly cant remember not knowing the. Girls in Marketing Membership I think I must have come across it on. LinkedIn. As soon as  something. I wanted to be a part of. Having been studying online and working in a solo team it has been difficult to meet people in the industry. Joining the membership has allowed me to join a collaborative. Supportive community which helps to remove the feeling of loneliness within the industry.

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Marketing Membership affected your marketing career prospects Definitely positively I learnt so much from the team the content the other marketers and the sessions Russia WhatsApp Number List put on that I can already see when writing my graduate CV the strength they will give me going forward into my career. And finally as we ask all our podcast guests do you have a motivational mantra that you live by. What has happened is what was meant to happen to get you to the right place in the future. If youd like to join Lauren in our membership to truly level up your marketing career explore our membership here.

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Lauren here to continue following her journey. famous personal brands to learn from Personal branding is a new buzzword that you may have seen a lot on LinkedIn but we definitely think its here to stay. According to a study by Brand Builders Group Google search volume for Germany WhatsApp Number personal brand has grown over x in recent years demonstrating the rising importance of personal branding. As marketers were familiar with creating and developing brands for businesses but how often do we think about our own personal brands Lets explore how some of the most successful entrepreneurs influencers and celebrities have built their personal brands. Grace Beverley Grace Beverley started

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