Examples of good personal branding

The opportunities in your industry. By building a strong reputation in a specific industry you are likely to attract opportunities in public speaking networking events and other opportunities for growth eg internships job interviews and more. Many marketers use their personal brands to grow their reputation and increase their network. You will almost certainly have some people in mind that you associate with having a strong personal brand. An example of strong personal branding is Nathan Bickerton.

Nathan has worked hard

To establish his personal brand in the marketing space using his creative nature. This has opened up countless opportunities for him including landing himself an internship with Steven Bartlett. A more recent example of Nathan building his personal brand was Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List his Cost to Kirstie Allsopps comments suggesting young people should give up Netflix to save up for a house. This even landed him a feature in The Tab But how do you build your personal brand So we have established the benefits of a good personal brand but now it is time for the juice stuff. How do you ACTUALLY start building your personal brand.

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Have a clear purpose

For your brand This is one of the most important things to consider before you begin working on your brand. Consider your industry and the thoughtleaders within your industry and think about what their purpose would be. Think about your own personal values ​​​​​​and what Finland mobile data you would like to be known for then consider how you can use this within your posts. Everyone will have a different purpose for their personal branding and you should keep yours true to yourself. . Choose a platform to focus on There are so many social platforms that you could use to expand your personal brand it is best to choose two or three to focus on to ensure your efforts actually pay off. A large number of people choose to use LinkedIn to

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