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The to see how you can get involved with this blog series. Hey thanks for joining us Could you please introduce yourself to our readers Hello everyone Im Chloe Marketing Executive working within the healthcare industry working across multiple different brands covering skincare and sexual and reproductive health. I have a hybrid role which means that I work both in the office and at home. I work from home one day a week and Im in the office for the remaining four. This can change weekbyweek depending on whats going on in my schedule. My personal interests are all fitnessbased when I come to think about it.

I love running dance and

Gardening mostly all of which I picked up or back up again during the Pandemic. I actually have my own hanging basket business which I began in May and is Egypt WhatsApp Number List very much focused on local businesses and the community. IHve had the privilege of providing seasonal. Baskets for a number of pubs just around the corner from me and also for individuals within the area too. page on Facebook chlosgarden or Instagram chlos_garden How did you get into marketing Did you follow a traditional route No I really didnt I actually didnt really know or understand what marketing was until.

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I began my first

Job after completing my ALevels. It was my first boss that properly introduced Marketing to me and this is where I also completed my Level CIM ghana mobile data Certificate in Professional Marketing. Initially I worked within the Financial sector and from there I moved into the Coffee and Water industry. Shortly after this I ended up at the company I now work for so I do have an extensive breadth of experience within various types of industries within both BB and BC marketing. I would definitely recommend gaining experience across a variety of areas as it gives you confidence and

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