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The objective is achieving increased brand awareness. Macro influencers Macro influencers are usually people who have. Grown a large following through the internet rather than as a result of an existing celebrity status. They usually have. Between to million followers but this can vary. Generally macro influencers will have built their following on a specific platform such as a blog a YouTube channel or an Instagram page however their following may have grown to cover more social media platforms as they have grown in popularity. Working with macro influencers can help you to gain brand awareness whilst targeting your specific audience a bit more easily.

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A specific niche that their content is centred around or a more specific audience demographic e.g. age location interest. However macro influencers are still likely to charge quite a lot to work with them so it will be important to consider how much budget you have to spend on influencer Mexico WhatsApp Number List marketing. Micro Influencers micro influencers follower count actually ranges from around which is still a sizable number. Micro influencers tend to have more specific genres of interest and influence meaning that working with them may allow you to more precisely target your desired audience.

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Audience engagement rates between the influencer and their audience will be better. So for brands who hope to leverage a positive influencer follower relationship Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List working with micro influencers may be the way to go. Nano Influencers Like micro influencers nano influencers usually have a very engaged audience and a specific area of interest. Although nano influencers are usually defined as having a follower count of this shouldnt put you off. For the majority of businesses you will see greater return on investment ROI from working with the right micro or nano influencers rather than working.

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