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Challenge your own thinking more. If youre used to working a certain way ask yourself why. Get curious with your current behaviours. Work patterns and kindly critique what youre doing well and what could be improved on. Not only is this a great way to start analysing yourself as a coworker but by practising bigger. Thinking you will naturally encourage your team to. Challenge themselves and assess their ways of working too.

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People need and ask them questions Openended questions are a very important part of leadership as they allow your team members to figure things Belgium WhatsApp Number List out for themselves meaning their learning is far more valuable. Everyone is wired differently so you should always take the time to understand how other people function and therefore like to be led.

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Amazing ideas but has difficulty expressing. Them follow up with them via email after a brainstorm so they have the opportunity to share their ideas onetoone. Similarly Cambodia mobile data someone on your team likes to feel wellprepared for meetings give them a chance to see or hear your questions for them before. So they have time to reflect and perform their best. Observation is an important leadership skill. Ask and learn more about the members of your team so you can lead them how they want to be led.

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