The first rule of email marketing

The will change your email marketing game. What does it mean to segment your email list The segmentation of your mailing list. Means dividing people into groups based on specific characteristics. These characteristics are likely to vary dependent on the goals for your marketing campaign. For example if you are working for a stationary. Business you may choose to segment people on your list based on age during a. September campaign to capture any students on your list with student offers or backtoschool deals. Top tips to help you segment your email list Make best use of onboarding emails for new customers is to nurture your new subscribers.

As soon as someone

Subscribes to your mailing list you need to make as much effort to continue their interest in your company as you can. The way most companies choose to do this is Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List by sending a welcome email immediately after they sign up hint sending a discount code within this email is usually a good way to get customers back onto your site and encourage them to make a purchase. Keep BB and BC subscribers separated. Depending on what your business is and who you are trying to target will depend on who you target.

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In the majority of cases

You are likely to be either entirely BB based or entirely BC based. However if your company does have both of these branches you should aim to keep these separate as Azerbaijan WhatsApp numbers you are likely to have separate goals for each type of customers. Utilise your most active subscribers As a marketer you will know how important it is to ensure your most active and engaged customers feel valued. This is where email can help. With email segmentation you can specifically choose the most engaged subscribers and send these people exclusive emails. This could be special offers exclusive access to new products or even a freebie as a thank you.

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