I was a solo team unfortunately

The option which was Business Studies. I chose Marketing specifically.  Because its creative and I love that I can make it what I want it to be essentially. As part of my degree. I took a placement year working in a steel. Fabrication company and actually ended. Up running their marketing during this time as. Although this wasnt what I intended to end up in and steel isnt the most glamorous content topic I have learnt so much from that year that will help support me when I graduate. What is your favourite thing about working in marketing I am a creative person.

As a child I was always

drawing or writing stories and marketing just captures it perfectly. It still amazes me how something that is at times so simple can make such an incredible impact on Singapore WhatsApp Number List a person. The power that it holds to bring positive change in society is something I am really looking forward to working on. Which section of marketing is your favourite and why. I love the digital and social media side of marketing. Seeing the speed of some companies. Reacting to events or other brand activity fascinates me so much. Ive taken on some freelance clients over the past few months to gain some more experience and.

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I love it What advice

would you give to someone starting out in their marketing career All experience is good experience Just because you dont have experience that involves specific marketingrelated tasks doesnt mean you dont have the skills employers are going to be looking for. Think about how you Guatemala WhatsApp numbers can apply the skills to already have to some of the responsibilities within the industry. In areas where you do want to gain some knowledge online courses are your best friend. Google Hubspot LinkedIn Learning and Girls in Marketing of course have excellent certificated courses that you can get involved with something I have made the

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