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The success was that straightforward right. Consider when you work best and how can you set up your workload to reflect on these working habits. Online quizzes like personality tests can help you establish this and help develop a working schedule that may work best for you. Being your own boss is one of the most significant benefits when it comes to freelancing so definitely make sure you take advantage of completing work on your own terms if possible. Overall freelancing is a great opportunity for marketers to explore new avenues and be in charge of their own workload.

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Everyone and do not feel the pressure to ditch the if thats where you are happiest. Do whatever works best for you Prioritising your mental health as a marketer As Greece WhatsApp Number List marketers we spend a large amount of time staring at screens all day. Screen time is at an alltime high and it leads us to question what effect screen time can have on our mental health. A study undertaken by Research. England has found that of adults living in the. UK over half of these adults spend more than hours or more per day looking at screens.

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Around of people had a daily average screen time of hours or more. These statistics are scary. Think about yourself how much time do you spend each day staring at Armenia WhatsApp Numbers a screen. The answers is probably a lot as much as we can try to ignore this figure. Understanding ways in which you can put your mental health first as a marketer and reduce your will allow you to live a happier and healthier life both professionally and personally On th October we will be celebrating World Mental Health Day. This year the theme is.  for all a global priority which is why our team have been discussing ways in.

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