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The Membership has given me such a wide range of amazing resources online courses interactive webinars and action plan templates to further develop my skills in areas that I am still getting to grips with. I am then able to apply what Ive learned within my fulltime role. It has also set such a great foundation for me to revisit areas of marketing that I needed a refresh in and has enabled me to learn about areas.

I found out about the Girls

in Marketing Membership through discovering their LinkedIn page and absolutely loved how inclusive and engaged the GIM community was online. At the time. I was Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List  completely new to the idea of ​​LinkedIn. I was a complete newbie with a fresh new account no community no following and was super reluctant to even post. But seeing a group of women empowering other women within the industry that they loved was just so refreshing and inspiring to see. I remember thinking how much. I would love to be a part of something like that. After following the community for a short while. I decided to

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The take the big leap and

Invest in my growth as a marketer and Im so glad I did. I wanted to connect with other likeminded people who understood a day in the life of a marketer and a Egypt mobile data community. I could engage with. I joined thinking it. Would be a good way to network but now being a member for months now which is crazy I have formed some really amazing friendships already through the membership. How has The Girls in Marketing Membership affected your marketing career prospects.

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