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The her career as one of the very first fitness influencers on. Instagram and has since founded and grown activewear brand TALA and and vegan supplement brand SHREDDY. Grace has been known for her openness and transparency since. The beginning of her influencing journey.  Oxford University to sharing the ins and outs of being a business owner on her. Instagram page and in candid YouTube videos. Graces personal brand is rooted in sharing her experiences. This authenticity and openness has enabled. Grace to build a huge community of engaged followers which has helped grow her businesses both of which are closely aligned with her own personal values.

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Key when it comes to considering how to build your personal brand. Steven Bartlett Steven Bartlett is a personal branding expert. Since founding social media Portugal WhatsApp Number List marketing agency Social Chain Steven has built a career as a speaker author content creator investor and host of The Diary of a CEO one of Europes biggest podcasts. Steven is a master of. LinkedIn personal branding and through sharing his entrepreneurial journey as well as motivational advice inspiration and business tips on his LinkedIn page he has built a strong and solid personal brand.

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His experiences as an entrepreneur has positioned him as an inspiring yet relatable figure and has contributed to the successful career he has built for himself. Ben Francis As the CEO and Founder of. Gymshark one of the worlds largest fitness apparel brands Ben Francis is a France WhatsApp Number pretty important guy. However humility has been key to Bens success. From founding a small gym wear brand whilst studying at university to being the CEO of a company valued at over. Billion Ben has remained humble throughout his journey as an entrepreneur. Not a fan of the spotlight Ben allows his business to speak for him and uses his LinkedIn platform to highlight the values of his brand and his gratitude for his team.

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