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The strategy is likely to need readjusting at some point and you should regularly keep an eye on what types of emails work with your audience and what doesnt. Make sure you are tracking key metrics to establish the success of your campaigns open rates clickthrough rates unsubscribe rates etc. The Girls in Marketing Membership has lots of email marketing resources that will help you level up your email marketing campaign including an Email Marketing Metrics Report Template a webinar on Email Marketing Automation and so much more.

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Members area Meet our community Nia Patel Connecting with others in the marketing industry can sometimes be one of the biggest challenges. This series shows Iceland WhatsApp Number List off the amazing members of our community and encourages you to connect with some incredible women in the marketing industry. Keep reading to see how you can get involved with this blog series. Hey thanks for joining us Could you please introduce yourself to our readers Hey everyone Im Nia a. Personal Brand Manager at Kurogo a global personal branding agency. Ive been working in the social mediapersonal branding space since.

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I graduated from Queen Mary

University of London in May this year. ly from my home in Northwest London. When Im not scrolling through LinkedIn or reading the endless marketing newsletters that land in my inbox every week I volunteer at my local.  Girlguiding unit fun fact I used to be a. Girl Guide Bahrain WhatsApp Number myself. But you can also catch me most evenings stuffing my face with cookie dough and bingewatching Disney. How did you get into marketing Did you follow a traditional route. Absolutely not I studied Maths with Finance and Accounting at university and when.  I started my degree marketing was not on my radar as a potential career option. I thought I was going to do finance or consulting but it quickly became clear that neither of.

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