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Add subtitles to your video As well as adding. I text over a video you should also make sure that your. I videos have subtitles. Subtitles can help you rank higher in search and they. I can also help you reach a wider audience. For example. I lets say that you. I make a video tutorial about how to put on lipstick. I this means it will not be accessible for certain audiences and therefore they may not engage with your content. Similarly many users watch TikTok.

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Sound so if subtitles were added to this video those who have sound off will still understand what is going on and be able to follow the tutorial. For more support with Belize Phone Number List TikTok SEO and understanding how to use TikTok as a marketing channel become a Girls in Marketing member today and gain access to hundreds of courses and resources to help you further develop your social media skills.

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