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The and make them want to share it with their friends. When a customer completes a virtual course with you send them a. Badge that they can share on their LinkedIn profile. With a BB client send them a welcome hamper that they may tell their. Colleagues about. Its all in the small details. So make sure youre doing everything you can to generate UGC Sustainability. According to the Instagram.  Trend Report sustainability is a key issue for Gen Z.

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Solely judged on their products and services consumers also consider their values morals and the actions they take on issues such as sustainability and Japan Phone Number List equality and diversity. In order for your brand to win customers youll need to prove that your company is doing what it can to be. Sustainable in its production packaging and sourcing of materials. The best way to show that your brand is sustainable is to ensure that youre leading with data insights and proof. Build your message on the facts and ultimately be transparent about your goals.

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Consumers appreciate honesty

So make sure youre not using greenwashing in your marketing. Dont forget to focus on the basics Its all well and good predicting the most important marketing Canadian mobile data trends for but if we havent got a handle on the basics nothing else will matter. Before setting out to generate copious amounts of new UGC and planning out new influencer campaigns take stock of what youre already doing and make sure youre doing it well. Make sure your marketing skills are up to scratch by joining the Girls in Marketing Membership to gain access to webinars resources and courses designed by marketing experts.

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