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Over 20 years of experience in lead generation and digital marketing make us the ideal partner for your success. Ready for success? Contact us now! CTA Blog5 mistakes you should definitely avoid when cross-posting Social media Author image by Nadine Ciecior Nadine Ciecior In this article, we will show you what negative characteristics are associated with cross-posting and how to avoid the 5 biggest cross-posting mistakes . Cross-postings are also called crosspost or multipost and describe the multiple publication of a post on different social platforms . This means that the discussion on one topic is divided into different networks. Great content should definitely be published on the social web – why not kill two birds with one stone and share the same post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Co.

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guide you will learn step by step how to create economical Facebook Ads that are tailored to your company. Click here and find out more! TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Every social platform is different Photos and videos work particularly well on Facebook, Twitter is known for communication via hashtags and recommendations are Palau Email List made on Pinterest. If the same post is shared on these platforms, the individual benefit of each platform is lost . The permitted text length alone is defined differently in each network. While Twitter only allows 140 characters, a much longer text can be written on Facebook. The integration of links and images is also different in every network. In addition , calls to action must be described differently in each social network.

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Please like or share the post, on Twitter they are asked to retweet and favorite instead. Functions like the hashtag on Twitter now also work on Facebook, but the benefit there is significantly less and is immature to include this in a post. 2. Generic Ukraine mobile data postings do not add any value Social media is primarily used to communicate with fans or followers and build a community . If readers notice that a post is reproduced accurately on all channels, they get the impression that the company is lazy and doesn’t take readers seriously. Publishing a post multiple times on different platforms can not only result in a bad mood on the platforms, but can also damage the brand’s image.

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