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We recommend that you choose your brand’s logo for the profile picture. In this way, it also creates recognition value and serves as advertising . Page information: Fill your Facebook fan page with information about the opening times or the address of your company. Your website or blog should also be linked here. Imprint: An imprint is also mandatory on Facebook. You can also enter this data in the field of the same name under the page information. Content:  page with your own posts and content. This can also happen before the Facebook fan page goes online. Make sure that the articles do not contain texts that are too long or spelling errors.

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Some relevant content to your own Facebook fan page. However, a site cannot become successful with this alone. Regular posts and interactions Mali Email Lists with your fans are just two small areas that are crucial to the success of the page. If you want to present your company not only on a Facebook page but also on Instagram, it is a good idea to link the Instagram business profile with the Facebook page. To do this, select “Settings” on the left and then navigate to Instagram. From there, choose to link the account. Please note here that the account is not already connected to another company.

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Connected you can advertise your business across platforms. For example, you can simultaneously and automatically publish a story you post on Romania mobile data Instagram to Facebook. You can also create a Facebook Ads advertising account to reach your target group precisely. You can read more about Facebook Ads campaigns in our separate article. Link Instagram account New call to action What else needs to be taken into account Communicate that you are now active with your company on Facebook and Instagram! Install a linked Facebook icon on your website or address your fan page in your newsletter.

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