Identify the right influencers

More than half of customers said that they stopped purchasing from a brand due to their trust being broken and inauthentic and poorly planned influencer. I campaigns are a surefire way to break your customers trust. The key to successful influencer. I marketing in will be authenticity. for your. I brand and ensure that you stand out for the right reasons. User Generated Content. UGC User generated content is nothing new but its a very useful asset to have in your digital marketing toolkit.

percent of people say

Usergenerated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions meaning that if youre not encouraging your customers to create user generated content youre India Phone Number List missing out on a huge opportunity So how do you encourage user generated content Your customers are far more likely to share positive experiences with your brand if you give them a clear and obvious reason to. Here are some ways that you can increase your chances of generating UGC.

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Focus on excellent customer

Service at every brand touchpoint Consumers are most likely to share stories about either terrible customer service experiences or exceptional ones. Make sure Benin mobile data youre being talked about for the latter . Prompt your customers to share their experiences Here are some examples of how you can create your own UGC opportunities If you are sending a physical product add a handwritten note with the delivery that will delight your customer.

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